The Mitas EF-07 Super soft tyre (marked with two green stripes) is a rear tyre combining the enduro tread and ultra sticky soft compound for extreme, most demanding conditions. The
tyre is best suited for extreme rocky, stony, wet and mud terrains. It is designed for vertical climbs and used in extreme enduro races. Its significantly enhanced carcass and extra soft
compound are ideal for all terrains and offer an excellent grip. It is by far the best choice in races such as Roof-of-Africa, Erzbergrodeo, Red Bull  Romaniacs, Sea to Sky, and many others.

The EF-07 Super Soft is best paired with the front tyre, 90/100-21 C-19 Super Light  (1 green stripe) for extreme grip.

Stražnja guma: 450,00 kn



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